Association Professional Liability

Professional and Trade association liability provides a wide range of services
for their members, from conventions, conventions, coordinating
lobbying efforts, and public information programs to delivering
specialized training and education.  Associations also publish
newsletters, magazines or books covering topics of interest to their
specific membership base.

Benefits & Features

  • Provides a broad definition of insured encompassing past, present or future director or officer of the association; past, present or future employee of the association; past, present or future board member or committee member of the association while acting within the scope of their duties as such.
  • Also provides protection for any other member of the association while acting at the direction of any officer or board of directors on behalf of the association.
  • Typically volunteers are also covered.
  • Coverage for claims arising from the publication or utterance of libel, slander or other defamatory or disparaging materials or remarks.
  • Coverage for intellectual property, including copyright or trademark infringement and piracy or misappropriation of ideas.
  • Coverage for claims alleging invasion or infringement of the right of privacy.


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